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 October 13th - 20th



The deadline for the November VIEW is Wednesday, October 20th. Please send articles to


Hearts on Fire at 11:30 am for youth ages 7-13. Beginning October 17th, this class will involve creating comics and animation!  That same day we will celebrate the Fall season with some special treats and activities for all ages.  (The Steeler game is at night, so plan on staying after worship and "hanging out"!)


Pleasant Valley Men's Shelter dinner, October 14th


"Exploring the Faith", on Sunday evenings at 6 pm, continues at our location at Noble Manor. If you find yourselves asking questions about life and religion, come and ask them aloud with others who are looking for answers to the same questions!  No pre-determined presentations, just conversation.  If you have settled on answers to the big questions of life, maybe you know a friend or relative who isn't sure.  Invite them as your guest. 


The study on the "Sermon on the Mount" on Wednesday evenings, 7 pm, continues through November 3rd. It is held in the Noble House at Union Presbyterian Church, Robinson Township.


Mark your calendars for Day Timers on Tuesday, October 26th, 11 am. This month's speaker will be Kay Day who will speak about the Malawian and Rawandan cultures she experienced during her extended time in these countries.


Thank you for your continued financial support. You may continue to mail offerings to the church. You may also consider using our VANCO online giving system:  If you have not yet paid your Per Capita payment for 2021, please do so as soon as possible.  The cost per adult member is $34.79.




For the month of October, contact someone from the Session or Deacons.




Sunday's message will be "Getting to Know Rabbi Jesus: The Dangers of Going Over to the Dark Side" based on Matthew 6:19-24. 




Congregational Prayer of Thanksgiving for October:  Breathe In: Yahweh, God  Breathe Out: You are always there.

Continued prayers for:  Aiken/Loyer family, Alice P., Alyson, Amanda, Amy T., Ann F., Anna Y., Annette and family, Arlene, Betty N., Betty S. Bill,  Bill, Bob J.,  W.,  Bob K., Bob R., Bree M., Brendan and Ann R., Brian K., Bryan, Bud F., Burkhart family, Carl S., Caron S., Cash, Cassie, Catherine, Chad, Cindy L., Collette, Conrad M., Dave P., Deb P., Della, Dillon, Donna V., Dylan T., Eileen, Eleanor S., Ellen B., Erik, Gerry R., Ginny P., Guzzi family, Harry T., Jan R., Jane G., Janet J., Jason, Jeanne, Jerry, Jim M., Joanne, John J., John K., John M., Judy C., Kathie W., Kevin K., Larry F., Leslie R., Linda, Lindsay C., Lisa F., Lorraine, Loretta, Luanne J., Lyndon, Lynn L., Mack, Margaret K., Mary R., Mary Ann, Mike,  Mindy N., Nadine, Noah, Nora, Pat H., Patrick, Paul, Peg D., Piper, Rachelle, Rich, Rob L., Ron G., Ronnie, the Ross family, Ryan, Sammie, School children, Steve M., Tim C., Tom R., Tom W., Tony, Tony C., Vaughn, Vinnie, Violet, Hurricane and flood victims, aftermath of Afghanistan withdrawal.

New to the Prayer List:  4 year old Grant, upcoming surgery

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